Nyx Alpha is a Psion, a large sized woman-like Aragami resembling a Sariel, first introduced in God Eater 2. Much like the gas giant planet behind it, it is completely intangible, effectively making itself impervious to all Blade attacks. This leaves it only vulnerable to bullets. It is able to heal Aragami. It is among a new batch of morphed Aragami that have their own central theme.

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God Eater 2 Rage Burst/Resurrection

A Sariel psion wrapped in unfothomable clothing with the kind face of a saint. Its resonance power enables it to heal nearby Aragami who have been knocked down; however, this Oracle-based healing can be approproated by quick witted God Eaters. With troublesom and unusual ability to completely resist all non-bullet attacks, make sure to pack a lot of Oracle Points and fire liberally into this Aragami

ATK Element: Divine

Weakness: Blaze,Freeze,Spark,Divine

Additional Information


  • It is recommended to take Assault Guns or Shotguns with Multi-Hit Blood Bullets when fighting against this Aragami
  • Blade attacks and devouring doesn't work against this Psion, as they pass through its body. Therefore it is impossible to gather Aragami Bullets from it.
  • Long Blade's Impulse Edge does hit Nyx Alpha including Impulse Edge's Blood Arts.
  • Aragami Bullets of Aragamis can damage it.
  • Beware, Nyx Alpha's healing bullets are able to bring an Aragami out of a Down state.
  • Nyx is a primordial deity originating from Greek mythology, and is the goddess of night.
  • Nyx Alpha's item prefixes, Notre Dame may be reffering to Virgin Mary, the historical virgin that gave birth to Jesus. Like in the stories, it also wears something that resembles a hood, just like Mary used to wear.

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