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In the early 2050s, unknown “Oracle Cells” began their uncontrolled consumption of all life on Earth. It was their violent nature and god-like adaptability that earned them the name “Aragami ”.

Oracle Cells are the semi-sentient single-celled organisms that make up an Aragami. The Aragami are actually colonies of hundreds of thousands of Oracle Cells that regroup around a core that acts as a command center. These cores are often referred to as Aragami Cores. In order to defeat an Aragami, the God Eaters must use their God Arc , the only weapons capable of doing so, to remove the Aragami Core. Once the core is removed, the Oracle Cells lose their cohesion and dissipate into nothingness.

Oracle cells have a devouring nature which caused them to spread and devour everything in their path. However, Oracle Cells do not evolve like normal cells do. Each Oracle Cell in existence is exactly the same as it was before the outbreak; i.e. these cells merely adapt to fulfill specific roles assigned to them from the cell core. The core is the command center over the entire colony while the individual groups of cells form working parts of the entity such as an eye, fang, or tail.

The God Arcs themselves, thanks to Fenrir Organization’s development, are living Oracle Cell based weapons.


  • Oracle Cells help God Eaters adapt to heat, which is why they are able to explore the Infernal Subway without melting.
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