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City of Mercy Wailing Plains Sunken Grid
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Tranquil Temple Forgotten Carrier Infernal Subway
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Abandoned City Valley of the Blue Ice Scarred Barricade
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Other Fields

Training Centre

Field 7

Description: A training field used by to train new recruits.
It is also the place where recruits receive their God Arc.

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Aegis Island

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Description: A man-made island located about 50km from Fenrir Far East Branch. Surrounded on all sides by an Aragami Armor so high it could pierce the heavens. Crucial to the Aegis Project, and as such very few are permitted to enter.
When completed, it will be able to house all of humankind and other surviving life-forms.[1]

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Church of Memories

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Description: A special field formed from the memories of Lindow Amamiya.

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Far East


Description: The Fenrir Far East Branch located in former Japan that has its own arcology (self sustaining system) and defends its suburbs. In God Eater 2 , a new Lounge area, a Blood floor and map are present. [2]



Description: The base of operations of special forces Blood. There are three levels accesible: a Roof Garden, the Upper Floor, and the Friar Lobby. The Lobby has an Archive, Terminals, and a Vending Machine Shop Dealer. "Friar" is short for Fenrir Research Institute for Apotheosis Reinstatement.

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God Arc Soldier Vault

A storage for God Arc Soldiers located at the back of Friar.

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  1. In greek mythology, Aegis is the shield of divine protection.
  2. Anagura is Japanese for cellar.