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Pachi-Slot God Eater is a pachislot game based on the God Eater franchise, developed by Yamasa in collaboration with Bandai Namco Games. A mobile phone version was also produced, titled "Pachi-Slot God Eater Pachi-Slot Challenge."

Pachi-Slot God Eater loosely follows the premise and story of the original God Eater: As the protagonist (of either gender), you come to the Fenrir Far East Branch, take the God Arc compatibility exam, and fight against Aragami.

Story scenes play out in between battles. Gameplay consists of two segments: enemy selection and battle. During enemy selection, the player's slot roll combined with a scrolling cursor on the screen determines which Aragami you fight. During battle, three numbers appear on the top screen below the playerand/or the Aragami. Lining up slot symbols beneath each number results in the protagonist attacking the Aragami.


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