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Spoiler Warning: This page contains crucial story details.

Phym is a female humanoid Aragami who the protagonist and company encounter during a scouting mission. She happens to be present when an Ashland Aragami attacks the Caravan container. With a horn on her forehead, she has a non-human appearance. The protagonist and company’s encounter with this girl will have a major impact on their story.

God Eater 3

Phym first appears when the Ash Crawler Chrysanthemum's cargo bay is smashed open by the Anubis, revealing a collared Phym within.  She is rescued from the Anubis' attack by the Protagonist, healing them from its Devour attack afterward.  In the subsequent days aboard the Chrysanthemum, she starts to view the Protagonist as a parent, calling them Mommy (if female) or Daddy (if male).  She becomes close friends with everyone aboard the Chrysanthemum, learning new things about the world around her.

Initially, the Chrysanthemum was supposed to transport Phym to Gleipnir HQ for experimentation; however, everyone unanimously decides against this, instead opting to keep her safe as a member of the family and even going so far as to rebel against a prominent Gleipnir scientist, Dr. Inukai, exposing his connection to a resistance group, Crimson Queen.  Crimson Queen also seeks Phym to use as raw material to manufacture a special Ash-resistant bias factor, but Chrysanthemum once more refuses to hand her over.

Eventually, when tensions between Gleipnir and Crimson Queen boil over and the Governor-General of Gleipnir reveals his plan to use Odin, a Fenrir-built superweapon, to Devour the entire Ashlands, Phym learns of her nature as a humanoid Aragami and elects to offer up her own life to use as a catalyst to power Odin so that thousands of AGEs won't be sacrificed instead.  However, the crew of the Chrysanthemum refuses to let this go, and they pursue Phym to the old Fenrir HQ, doing battle with Odin. Phym Engages with her friends and purge the surrounding Ash Tempest, creating a miracle that humans and Aragami war are ceased. Phym returns to her family, and they all go home to the Chrysanthemum together.



Found held within a transport container owned by Gleipnier, she appears to be a humanoid Aragami in the shape of a young girl. She was found when her container was damaged by an attack from an Ash Aragami.  Her appearance is that of a human child, and though she can speak, her vocabulary is limited. Her habit of following Protagonist Pennywort is thought to be due to some form of imprinting. 

(continued in "Phym: 2')

Phym: 2

(continued from "Phym")

Phym possesses the nigh-miraculous ability to slow the corruption caused by an Ahs Aragami's devour. During the fight with the Aragami known as Ra, she proved that despite not being a God Eater, she could Engage with Protagonist Pennywort and even wield a God Arc.
Phym currently wields a stock backup God Arc that was stored in this ship. However, its Bias FActor sequence appears to have been rewritten after she used it. 

Phym: 3


A humanoid Aragami in the shape of a young girl.

God Arc: Heavy Moon/Assault Gun
As part of the Chrysanthemum's Fenrir HQ Reclamation Initiative, she has been taken in by the ship. Her ability to communicate has been greatly improved through daily interactions with the crew.

Phym: 4


A humanoid Aragami in the shape of a young girl.

God Arc: Heavy Moon/Assault Gun
The operation of Odin, which requires AGEs as a form of resource, was put on permanent hold. Possession of Phym was passed from Gleipnir to the Chrysanthemum, and she was officially allowed to join the crew. Currently, she is attending the school run by the Port's orphanage and making friends with the other children. 

Phym: 5


A humanoid Aragami in the shape of a young girl belonging to the Chrysanthemum.
(Externally register as common crew)
Being impervious to high ash levels, she carries out Hound missions, primarily accompanying Protagonist. By attending school and interacting with many other children, she has not only been able to improve her language abilities but has also shown remarkable mental growth.

*Please stop her if she tries to eat the test results!
God Arc: Heavy Moon/Assault Gun

Phym's Reports

Phym's Report

This is my report on everybody on the ship! First I will write about my favorite person! This person is strong, cool and uses a God Arc to tear apart scary Aragami! They also help me all the time, and so they're my favourite person in the world.

Phym's Report 2

Once I rode in a big machine called Odin. When I was inside, I heard everyone in word say they want to live. Ever since then, I have thought a lot about the future and what will come. The people on the ship all have lots of dreams for the future!

Phym's Report 3

After being together with everyone on the ship. I also have a lot of dreams! There are lots of things I want to become, but my biggest dream is to become able to help everyone make their own dreams come true!

Phym's Report 4

People with important dreams. People cheering those dreams on. People looking way into the future. People working their hardest now. Everyone in my family is wonderful and has kindhearted dreams!

Phym's Report 5

These days, people's dreams can't come true easily because of the Ashlands. But no one will ever let Ashlands ruin their dreams! I will work hard to make my dreams come true together with my family!

Phym's Report 6

Nobody at school believed what I said. They asked me if it was really true, even though it is. What everyone said was true and what I was true are completely different. Can I never have a real family? Is it because I'm an Aragami?

Phym's Report 7

I was told that I can decide what is true for me. Even if no one else thinks it's true, for me it will be.

Phym's Report 8

Today, the Devil of the Chrysanthemum carried me to school and smiled gently at everyone's surprise. After we went home to the ship, Everyone was waiting to see me. I will always treasure the smiles of my family!

Character Relationships

  • Protagonist (God Eater 3) Once Phym joins the crew the Protagonist is immediately nominated as her main caretaker thanks to the attachment she develops after the Protagonist protected her from an Ash Aragami. She even refers to them as either Daddy or Mommy depending on their gender


  • Phym is the second character that is a humanoid Aragami, the first is Shio.
  • When using Gestures, Phym will copy that same Gesture.
  • When you bring her to battle, Phym grows bigger for the duration of the fight.
  • In update 2.30, you can command Phym to stop following you at any time using the “Hold on” command. However, if you move to a different floor of the Ash Crawler, Phym will still follow you.