Port Pennywort

Population centers built by humanity after the appearance of the Ashlands. A port itself is entirely subterranean, and only the gate used by Ash Crawlers is raised above ground. The majority of Ports are built on the sites of Fenrir HQ's satellite bases and in those bases' underground shelters.


Pennywort Logo GE3

The Port that Hugo and the Protagonist belonged to. Pennywort was quite wealthy and often dealt in Adaptive God Eaters.

Although it is known that this Port regularly engaged in dangerous and immoral testing by administering the aptitude test to people with insufficient chances of success, all evidence has been destroyed by the appearance of the Ash Storm in the vicinity that wiped out any trace of foul play.


Baran Logo GE3

The Port that Lulu Baran belonged to.

A large and prosperous Port, Baran also engages in research on the Ashlands and AGEs.

They regularly come under criticism by other Ports for violating Ashland Navigation Law, as their often dangerous experiments have caused vast reactions in nearby Ashlands.

Baran remained neutral after Gleipnir began conscripting AGEs, but later allied itself with the Crimson Queen, resulting in balance between the two great forces. As the conflict expanded, Baran suddenly cut off all military and material aid to the Crimson Queen and sided with Gleipnir. It is surmised that this was intended to demonstrate new weaponry while generating massive profits for the Port.


Chrysanthemum Logo GE3

A small Port owned by Hilda Henriquez.

This Port runs an orphanage in its underground area and takes in children with nowhere else to go. Chrysanthemum's primary business is cargo transport, and though it is doing fairly well, it is uncertain if it is earning enough to continue to financially support the orphanage.

After refusing to comply with Gleipnir's AGE conscription demands across the board, Chrysanthemum's relationship with the other Ports soured, but the trend of improved treatment for AGEs has restored its status.

It now takes in AGEs who were part of the Crimson Queen and introduces them to Ports who will accept them.


Gleipnir Logo GE3

A Port that doubles as Gleipnir's headquarters.

Boasting the largest size of all the Ports in Northern Europe, it can hold a population of over one thousand people. Many regular routes pass through this Port, making it something of a regional hub.

Dusty Miller

An influential Port owned by Ein that's located in Northern Europe. While most Ports in the region are either part of Gleipnir or affiliated in some way, Dusty Miller is one of the few that have maintained their independance from the organization.

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