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|unbound = Front Armor, Exhaust, Missile Pods, Back Treads
|unbound = Front Armor, Exhaust, Missile Pods, Back Treads
|attribute = Blaze
|attribute = Blaze
|weakpart = Front Armor
|weakpoint = Front Armor
|weakness = Divine, Crush}}
|weakness = Divine, Crush}}

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Item Prefix: Triton
Origin: Unknown
Breakable Parts: Front Armor, Exhaust, Missile Pods, Back Treads
Attribute: Blaze
Weak Point: Front Armor
Elemental Weakness: Divine, Crush
Elemental Resistance: {{{resistance}}}
HeadingBRelated Species

A Type 2 Deusphage derived from the Quadriga. It boasts ruthless flames that will scorch the earth the moment it unleashes its powers.

Its defense is literally iron-tight, but the missile pod to the sides and the front armor is relatively weak. After destroying the cell binds, use sundering and crushing blade attacks.

HeadingBAdditional Information

Poseidon is the God of Ocean and the brother of Zeus and Hera in the Greek Mythology. However, the Aragami of the same name uses Blaze, which is very contradictory.

Poseidon's materials are used exclusively for making the Dengeki uniform set.

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