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Queen Maiden is an original large sized Aragami introduced in God Eater Resonant Ops during Distant Chivalry story event
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The following information is taken from the official in-game descriptions of the Aragami found in the GE:REO's database.

God Eater Resonant Ops
A six-legged Aragami covered in hard outer shell. It was seen to be able to summon a group of Cocoon Maidens to swarm and attacks it's prey. The detail about this Aragami origin is still mystery, yet it was suggested to be evolution of Cocoon Maiden

The summoned Cocoon Maiden is either specialized into high offensive power or high defensive power with support capability. Both types is also far stronger than normal Cocoon Maiden or even it's Fallen species that commonly found elsewhere. The projectile attack of Queen Maiden may induce debilitating effect upon contact, .

ATK Type: Pierce, Spark

Weaknesses : Crush, Blaze

Additional Information
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Battle Information

  • Queen Maiden is kind of Aragami that focuses on messing your team temopo
  • Queen Maiden signature move is single target projectile that increase skill cooldown by 2. This will be used as pre-emptive move on the 1st turn, and every time she enter rage mode, and sometimes when her special bar are full
  • Queen Maiden has another special attack which cause AoE damage
  • She accompanied by two Cocoon Maidens. Normal cocoon has normal HP and focuses on attack your party and give venom debuff, the Freeze cocoon has insane def, but very low HP and focuses on healing the queen and give resist up
  • Multi-hit attack is effective against Freeze variant
  • Queen can re-summon 1 Cocoon Maiden every single turn at random
  • Aside of Normal and Freeze Cocoon, The queen can summon third variant, the Blaze cocoon which has high HP and ATK
  • Queen Maiden can use DEF up + Charge Up (presumable every 25% threshold). This may ruin your tempo and cause problem if you want to break her rage bar
  • Queen Maiden is susceptible to Blind and Stun ailment


  • Queen Maiden is the original new aragami introduced in God Eater Resonant Ops during Distant Cavalry Event (4th story event).

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Queen Maiden's spike attack

Queen Maiden reveal her mouth behind her mask

Queen Maiden's sweeping laser

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GEREO - 遥かなる騎士道【特殊任務-1】 - Queen Maiden

Distant Chivalry - Special Mission 1


GEREO - 遥かなる騎士道【特殊任務-2】 - Queen Maiden

Distant Chivalry - Special Mission 2

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