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Spoiler Warning: This page contains crucial story details.

Rain of Bullets is part of Story 4 and is the 4th mission in God Eater 2 Rage Burst. When this mission becomes available 5 additional hard missions can be selected from Fran. They are not necessary to complete but clearing them will help with crafting gear and other items in the long run. Scroll down to "Additional Missions" for more information.

Mission 4 Information:

In-game information

"This will be another traning mission for God Eater cadets. Eliminate all Night Hollow and Cocoon Maidens in the Area. These are small, Immobile Aragami; however, the accuaracy and power of their range attacks should not be underestimated. Practice you evasion while moving in for the kill"


Defeat Aragami .

Kokunmeiden Nighthollow
Cocoon Maiden Night Hollow
Weakness: Blaze/Freeze/Spark Blaze,Freeze, Spark, Divine
Possible Drop:
  • Pixie Thorn
  • Pixie Shell
  • Dryad Rubber

Reconmended Loadout

Anything will do.



Story Information (Spoilers)

Talk to Rachel, then return to Fran and accept the mission. After the mission you will get a cut-scene.



First Time Rewards:

  • GAP - 1 Point
Reward Conditions Probability
350fc Automatic 100%
Weak Magnet Automatic 27%
Fossil Bark Automatic 27%
Dryad Bandage Automatic 27%
Meteorite Silver Automatic 26%
Spark Stone Automatic 23%
Inferior Rubber Automatic 23%
Pixie Thorn Automatic 22%
Pixie Shell Automatic 22%
Rough Barrel Automatic 22%
Herb Automatic 15%
Aragmi Bone Chip Automatic 14%
Dryad Rubber Automatic 14%
Aragami Strand Automatic 11%
Dryad Lens Automatic 6%
Pixie Elastomer Automatic 4%
Imploder Automatic 4%
Pixie Elastomer Clear Under 10 min. 10%
Aragami Bone Chip Clear with 30+ endurance 7%
Aragami Strand Clear with 30+ endurance 5%
Dryad Lens Clear with 30+ endurance 3%
Pixie Elastomer Clear with 30+ endurance 2%
Imploder Clear with 30+ endurance 2%
350fc "Reward Money Up" LV1 or higher 30%
Restore Pill "Get consumable Items" Lv1 or higher 100%
Restore Pill II "Get consumable Items" Lv1 or higher 50%
O-Ampule "Get consumable Items" Lv1 or higher 50%
OG: Restore Post "Get consumable Items" Lv1 or higher 33%

Additional Missions

Hard Difficulty 1:

  • Desolation Cicada = Target: Dreadpikes Location: Abandon City
  • Library Assault = Target: Cocoon Maiden & Night Hollow Location: Abandon City
  • Termite Mound = Target: Zygotes, Dreadpikes & Ogretail, Location: Wailing Plains
  • A Flower among the Ashes = Target: Ukonvasara, Zygotes & Dreadpikes Location: Abandon City
  • Flaming Barrels = Target: Ogretail & Night Hollows Location: Sunken Grid

Next Mission

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