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Ravana first appeared as a DLC Aragami in God Eater Burst, resembling a Vajra with a cannon on its back. In God Eater 2 and its standalone expansion, as well as Burst's updated version, Ravana is a regular Aragami (along other God Eater Burst DLC Aragami) that appears in both Story and Free missions.

Norn Database

The following information can also be found via descriptions of the Aragami found in the NORN Terminal's database.

God Eater Burst

A new Aragami that has only recently started to appear. There is very little information on it. It resembles a Vajra with a cannon on its back

God Eater 2 Rage Burst/Resurrection

An Aragami that's part machine and part living creature. Resembles a Vajra when it attacks, and has been recorded as such. There is speculation that a Vajra devoured weapons and evolved into Ravana, but the truth is unknown.

Shoots powerful incendiary shells from its turret using the solar core on its back. Uses primarily long-range attacks when agitated.

ATK Element: Blaze

Weaknesses: Freeze, Spark

Additional Information

Music Theme

  • New World - Unknown - (GEB, DLC Mission Only)


  • Ravana was the 10-headed demon king in Hindu Mythology.
  • The name Ravana means "one of terrible roar".
  • When Ravana readies its cannon, flipping it forwards, the cannon itself is also an attack (minor damage, knocks away foes), so it may interrupt anyone performing aerial attacks, charge crush or other moves.
  • Ravana's readying of its cannon before shooting is similar to how all Gboro-Gboros perform their particular shots. Use this as an advantage to Devour it from the sides or back.
  • Ravana's cannon is a highly durable, unbreakable part. It may use it like a shield when readying it, blocking most frontal attacks.
  • Watch for the charge shot: it's a deadly High Piercing bullet that inflicts stun. Keep them in sight and stay out of their line of fire.
  • It is advisable to use Crush attacks (Boost Hammer works well for this) on its head for fast breaking and killing or the Charge Spear Square Blood Art.
  • Ravana has the ability to slowly track players.
  • Ravana is considered the most short tempered Aragami, due to it's ability to enrage instantly when it gets stunned by a Stun Grenade or takes some damage.
  • When enraged, it tends to perform back-flips a lots. Also, its thrash is always chained with a back flip.
  • Although the Ravana has a resemblance to the Vajra Species, it is the only one of the kind that isn't a Large type of Aragami, but rather a Medium size.

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