Battle Information


  • Bestial Flare: Ravana readies its cannon, then shoots out three fire bolts in a forked fashion. Seems to be hugging the ground, but it actually just travels at a slightly lower altitude. Ravana has the habit of spamming this attack. Evade this attacks by simply jumping or Stepping away or rather staying away from Ravana's direction.
  • Bestial Thrash: Ravana performs a quick, single swipe with its right claw. Evade this attack by swiftly stepping away or keep back-attacking it.
  • Venomous Ravage: Ravana starts to releases purplish gas, and exactly 1.5 second later he flips backwards, leaving the gas to cause any foes that came in contact with it inflicted by Venom. The gas last for roughly 2.3 seconds. Evade this attack early by staying away from the gas it starts to release.
  • Bestial Backflip: Ravana back flips to evade attacks, upon landing, he deals minor damage to any foe that it crashes onto.
  • Bestial Prominence: Ravana readies its cannon, then conjures three fire bolts that spins at the tip of muzzle. Then, it shoots them at once, flying about in a spinning fashion. Very inaccurate, but still should be wary of it. Evade this attack by quickly moving around, or staying out of Ravana's direction.
  • Mega Flare: Ravana readies its cannon, then conjures a large fireball for roughly 1.5 second, and then it shoots and releases said fireball in its direction. Has a minor homing effect. This attack pierces through other characters and even Aragamis, so it's pointless to use them as shields. Evade this attack by moving out from Ravana's direction.

Aragami Bullets

God Eater Burst

Name Description
(Venom Cracker)
Fire a poison bullet that explodes upon impact. Has mild homing ability.
(Meteo Caller)
Fires 3 homing flaming missiles vertically into the air.
(Sunrise Bringer)
Fires a huge flame bullet.
Can inflict Hold.

Defense Attributes

Aragami Materials

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