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Regalia Balmung is an Ashwrought Aragami introduced in God Eater 3

Norn Database

The following information can also be found via descriptions of the Aragami found in the NORN Terminal's database.

God Eater 3

An Ashwrought Balmung wreathed in crystallized Oracle Cells, its four horns are dyed the color of revenge. It is thought that Ashblight mutations have given it the ability to expel crystallized Oracle Cells from its body and control them from afar. These crystals can fire lasers, creating a deadly defensive field. Destroying the crystals before closing in for melee combat is essential.

Just like with Ashborn Balmung variant, breaking its boosters will lower its mobility.

-Summary of Activated Abilities/Devour Attacks
Attack and agility increase.
Additionally, it leaps when charging to strike prey from above. New devour patterns have also been confirmed, and extreme caution is suggested even when holding the high ground.

After Bursting, the number of floating crystals increases, and some of its attack pattern change.

Breakable Bonds: Booster/Front Legs/Rear Legs

Additional Information

Regalia Balmung was added in patch 2.50

For battle information check the Advanced Information page.


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