Ricardo Sforza is a character introduced in God Eater 3. He is a 2nd Generation, Hilda's long-time right hand man. He assists Hilda with pretty much anything that needs doing around or off the Chrysanthemum, be that snooping on the conditions of Port Pennywort, helping with crawler maintenance, navigation, whatever comes up.




Ricardo Sforza (27 years old)
A God Eater belonging to the Chrysanthemum

Born: December 19, Height: 184 cm
God Arc: Variant Scythe/Ray Gun
An intelligence expert, he spends much of his time supporting the Chrysanthemum's owener by sniffing out information on other caravans. In addition to being a God Eater on active combat duty, he also provides ship management support. He handles all the caravan's daily chores, such as cleaning, cooking, and washing the dishes.

Ricardo: 2

Ricardo Sforza (27 years old)
A God eater Belonging to the Chrysantemum

Tasked by Hilda to establish a new defensive unit to support Chrysanthemum's planned expansion, he is in the midst of a vigorous recruitment drive for young God Eaters. He also maintains an individual contract with the hounds and often assists them as combat personel. In return, he has subcontracted a number of ship chores to hound members.

Memory Data

Memory Data Ricardo:
For (Player Name's) eyes only

"I will save the people as a member of the great Gleiphnir!" When I made that oath, I felt closer to being the hero I'd always imagined when I was a kid. After the induction ceremomy, my spirits were too high, and I had a difficult time getting to sleep that night.

Memory Data Ricardo: 2
For (Player Name's) eyes only
We'd been sent out to eliminate Aragami from a potential site for a new satelite base. It was my first major operation since joining Gleiphnir. I was filled with pride at having being chosen, and at some point, the ambition to become one of the elites swelled up inside me.

Memory Data Ricardo: 3
For (Player Name's) eyes only
Flames and dust rising, A cruel scattering of God Arcs with no owners. The choking stentch of blood. The comerades I'd laugh and celebrated victories with were all dead. We were sorely outnumbered, and the operation failed. Unable to face my own powerlessness, I left Gleiphnir to forget.

Memory Data Ricardo: 4
For (Player Name's) eyes only
The people of the satelite base cheerfully accepted even a failure like me. To them, I was a reliable God Eater of remarkable skill and in time, I saw this treatment slowly healing my wounded heart. I swore to myself the this time I would defend my companions.

Memory Data Ricardo: 5
For (Player Name's) eyes only
I never thought I'd run into the governor-generals son after leaving Gliephnir. Again I felt the sting of guilt for abandoning my comerades and found myself unable to meet Werner's eyes for some time.

Memory Data Ricardo: 6
For (Player Name's) eyes only
The skies were unusually clear the day Hilda and Werner arrived. They told me of their plan to build and underground base and create a utopia. To me, the sincerity in thier eyes and the passion of their voices was as brilliant as the midday sun.

Memory Data Ricardo: 7
For (Player Name's) eyes only
On the day of the Calamity, The Ash Storm and waves of Aragami reminded me all too much of the disasterous operation. This time I would protect the place and people tha taccepted me. But that oath was shattered. I stared blankly from the trailer as people fled and died and the base was destroyed.

Memory Data Ricardo: 8
For (Player Name's) eyes only
When I met Hilda again, her eyes still held the same conviction. The Calamity had not dimmed the light in them at all. She captivated me. As atonement for my failure to protect or aid their dream, I bent my will toward doing all I could for the Chrysanthemum.




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