Ricardo Sforza is a character introduced in God Eater 3. He is a 2nd Generation, Hilda's long-time right hand man. He assists Hilda with pretty much anything that needs doing around or off the Chrysanthemum, be that snooping on the conditions of Port Pennywort, helping with crawler maintenance, navigation, whatever comes up.




Ricardo Sforza (27 years old)
A God Eater belonging to the Chrysanthemum

Born: December 19, Height: 184 cm
God Arc: Variant Scythe/Ray Gun
An intelligence expert, he spends much of his time supporting the Chrysanthemum's owener by sniffing out information on other caravans. In addition to being a God Eater on active combat duty, he also provides ship management support. He handles all the caravan's daily chores, such as cleaning, cooking, and washing the dishes.




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