Romeo Leoni
Romeo artwork
Missions available at:
Story 162 Episodes 1, 2, 3

God Eater 2 Rage Burst - Guide

Episode 1 - Unlocks after the Rage Burst story
Objective Notes
Talk to Romeo and go on the Rank 12 mission. Rank 12 mission.
Mission Information
The advance of an Amaterasu across the plains forced a salvage team to drop everything and hightail it. This Aragami must be destroyed, and the safety of the plains reestablished. Amaterasu was named after an ancient Far Eastern sun goddess. It uses flame and its massive body to attack.
Mission Location Aragami
Wailing Plains Amaterasu
Episode 2 - Unlocks right after episode 1
Objective Notes
Take Romeo on a Free Mission when the event icon shows when selecting her to go on a mission. Take on about 3 Free missions to trigger event icon.
Episode 3 - Unlocks right after episode 2
Objective Notes
Talk to Romeo and go on the Rank 14 Mission. Rank 14 mission.
Mission Information
Mission Location Aragami
Episode 4 - Unlocks right after episode 3
Objective Notes
Complete all of Romeo's Character Episodes. You have completed all of Romeo's Character Episodes.

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