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Sacred Ground 001
It's only a guess but... I think the power in Romeo's God Arc, his real power, must have changed the Oracle Cells. It seems something far more gradual now. Not an apocalypse to devour, but slow, like the shifting of the Earth's crust. -Julius Visconti

A field formed mainly by plant life uncontaminated, born where the Spiral Tree once stood, formed as a result of Romeo's Blood Power resonating with the Devouring Apocalypse.

Ingame Description

A world heritage site designed and managed by Fenrir. By being recognized as a sanctuary, it is possible for Fenrir HQ's ample manpower and physical resources to be put to use towards safe and stable research in the area.

After the disappearance of the Spiral Tree, a fixed area has become lush with natural plant life, and all Oracle Cell activity in the region has ceased. For now, it is being referred to as "Oracle Cell Dead Zone." Intelligence Center Director Feldman posits: "the result of the Spiral Tree's Devouring Apocalypse was the creation of a Oracle Cell-free natural sanctuary."

There are still unknowns factors surrounding this area, and further monitoring, surveys, and research will need to be conducted. However, since it seems the immediate danger has passed, jurisdiction over the area has passed to the Far East Branch with the Intelligence Center operating only in a supervisory capacity. At the Far East Branch, the area has such nicknames as "Sacred Ground" and "True Sanctuary."


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