Satsuki Takamine is a free journalist who is also Yuno Ashihara's idol manager. She comes from Nemos Diana along with Yuno.


Satsuki is a free journalist from Nemos Diana who is interested in wide-spreading Yuno's singing voice. She originally worked in the public relations department of Fenrir but defected with stolen broadcast equipment after being told to report false news to induce the public. In God Eater -the 2nd break-, she first encounters Alisa Amiella and Soma Schicksal in a forest when they save her and her poorly disguised, stolen Fenrir truck from Ogretails after their helicopter crash. She then lets them use her radio to contact Dr. Paylor Sakaki for a rescue helicopter. Satsuki takes them to Nemos Diana to repay her debt to them while waiting for their rescue helicopter, but they reveal themselves to the checkpoint guards who deny them entry. However, Yakumo Ashihara lets them in unofficially and welcomes them. Satsuki later saves the captured two from captivity in the Nemos Diana tower as per Yakumo's request. In God Eater 2, Satsuki first meets Blood at the Far East Branch as they share the same floor. She tells the Protagonist (God Eater 2) to be friends with Yuno if possible and to keep Romeo's flirting down in her place. Satsuki later asks the protagonist about who she can get information about the now out of contact Friar whom she then asks Fran for information. She learns that most of the medical staff were transferred out leaving only a few aboard. She also accompanies Yuno in assisting the rescue retrieval of the kidnapped Black Plague children in the Friar. At the last battle against the Person Who Opens the World, Satsuki sets up sound equipment and helps broadcast Yuno's song to the world to connect the willpower of people in order to counter the Person Who Opens the World's devouring pulse.Post-main scenario, she continues traveling with Yuno to promote the Satellite Bases while occasionally visiting the Far East Branch in response to Yuno's longing to visit.



Satsuki holds some animosity towards Fenrir for leaving some people out of the residential areas to fend for themselves. However, she shows less of this behavior when Alisa gets Far East Branch support for Nemos Diana after an Aragami attack. She still voices her opinions on matters to other people when she does not agree entirely with it as done with several people including Gilbert. Satsuki is shown to have knowledge on computer and broadcast skills being able to hack a broadcaster in Nemos Diana tower as well as to be able to broadcast Yuno's Aria of Light song to global channels.


Character Relationships

  • Yuno Ashihara - Satsuki's friend from Nemos Diana and also the idol who she acts as a manager for.


  • Apparently, she is Yakumo Ashihara's grandchild (needs further confirmation)

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