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Shikiyoku is an original large sized Aragami introduced in God Eater Resonant Ops during Crime of Beauty and the Battlefield of Cradle event. Shikiyoku is the first of Seven Deadly Sins Aragami.
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The following information is taken from the official in-game descriptions of the Aragami found in the GE:REO's database.

God Eater Resonant Ops
A Divine Source species Aragami that looks like a fusion of gigantic insect with a female figure. It was mentioned in the battle report of North European branch, but the actual point of origin is unknown

The body of this Aragami is composed of retro oracle cells. Due to its ability to charm and manipulates anything that come into it's sight, this Aragami is nicknamed as "Lust"

When enraged, Shikiyoku will cast it's signature charm skill: Heavenly Lust, which will instantly inflict nearby targets with charm. Any unit afflicted with this ailment is completely controlled by Shikiyoku and will attack it's teammate without any remorse, so it's strongly recommended to have some kind of ability that resist charm

This Aragami also has special characteristic to dispel any ailments inflicted to it. So try to exploit it's attribute weakness and finish the fight as soon as you can..

ATK Type: Sunder, Freeze

Weaknesses : Pierce, Divine

Additional Information

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Battle Information

  • Shikiyoku is kind of Aragami that focuses on messing your team with charm ailment and counter any debuff inflicted.
  • Normally Shikiyoku will use single target attack
  • When it's special bar is full (4), Shikiyoku will use AoE attack that may inflict ATK down
  • When enraged or reaching 50% threshold, Shikiyoku will cast AoE charm. Shikiyoku will never cast charm twice in same turn, so if you happen to enrage it and reaches threshold at the same time, Shikiyoku will cast charm on two successive turns. This can be bypassed using Stun ailment.
  • During rage mode, Shikiyoku normal attack will replace with single target beam that recover it's rage bar.
  • Shikyoku wil use single target attack with HP drain to each charmed god eater.
  • When Shikiyoku is afflicted with ailment, it will use it's next turn to dispel it and cast DEF up. During rage mode, the buff get additional ATK up and Crit chance up.


  • Shikiyoku (シキヨク) name came from seven deadly sins Lust (色欲, which also read as Shikiyoku).
  • Shikiyoku is the 2nd Aragami in GEREO that has over 2million HP
  • And also the first Aragami that has missing link on it's weapon rarity. One of it's weapon is 5* without any previous form, the other one is *5 with *4 form that has different passive, and it's 3rd weapon has *5 form and *3 form (that also has different passive skill) but no *4 form

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Norn Database

37421731 10156667979458586 1102041930449027072 o

Charm: Heavenly Lust

37594974 10156667979553586 3709001849790005248 o

Charm: Heavenly Lust2

37648011 10156667979328586 2287323702938828800 o

HP drain attack

37487926 10156668006858586 8276596485575933952 o

Long Blade

37604981 10156668006943586 968806375570276352 o

Assault Gun

37419687 10156668007008586 8114005387574771712 o

Blast Gun

GEREO - 蠱惑の罪咎とゆりかごの戦端 ~恍惚への誅伐~ 【特殊任務-3】 - Seven Deadly Sins SP-3 Shikiyoku-0

GEREO - 蠱惑の罪咎とゆりかごの戦端 ~恍惚への誅伐~ 【特殊任務-3】 - Seven Deadly Sins SP-3 Shikiyoku-0

Shikiyoku - Special Mission 3

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