Battle Information

AI Behavior:

  • Average Survivability.
  • Uses Restore Pills when low on Health.
  • Will search the enemy when alone.
  • Devours enemy whenever there is a chance.
  • Will attack the enemy when it gets closer or the Player ordered him in Search Command.
  • Poisons enemies and draws attention to himself.

Confirmed Skills:

  • Venom S
  • Defensive
  • Muted

Consumable Items:

Pic Item Quantity
Icons Heal Restore Pill II x10
Icons Heal Restore Pill S x5

God Arc Information

Blade Shield Gun
Long Blade Type
Quick Buckler
Buckler Type
No Gun

Blade Shield Gun
Cooling blade1
Chill Blade
Long Blade Type
Dodging Buckler
Buckler Type
No Gun


Action/State Speech/Line
Start Mission We’re gonna go on a rampage!
Standby (Idle) Let’s get moving!
Melee Take that!

Pretty slow, aren’t ya?

Hmph. You’re too slow!

This is it!

Burst Alright, just watch!
Link Burst received

Hey, leave it to me!

I guess there’s no way around it!

Self Heal



After Stun Grenade Pretty good.
Out of Items Ugh, no items!
Healed Thanks.
Status Effect

My head...this isn’t good...


Block Successful Damn you.

Blast it...


In like this...

Ally Incapacitated


Hey! Don’t just lie there!

Head to Link Aid Oh hell. I’ll go then!
Link Aid Given

Are you OK?

Don’t let your guard down!

Link Aid Taken

Ouch. Nnnrgh. Dammit.

Ehehe, thanks man.

Respawn Man, this is pretty bad...
Action: Attract I’ll take care of this.
Action: Fight Along Hey, let me do something!
Action: Follow I’m coming with you.
Action: Search

I’ll take a look around.

Action: Gather Hey, wait for me!
Respond to Command Gotcha.
Perform: Search All I have to do is look, right?
Perform: Disperse Huh? We’re making a run for it?
Perform: Converge What’s up? We’re moving?
Perform: Gather Meetup? Gotcha!
Gather Successful I’m here!
Action Failed This looks pretty hopeless...
Tough Battle-1 Hey! What am I supposed to do?
Tough Battle-2 (Out of time) Uh oh, we’re out of time!
Dying Enemy

This one’s not that tough, huh?

Heh, the real battle’s just starting!

Unbound Cells Even Aragami feel pain?
Destroyed (Easy Kill) Stay down, you little pest!
Mission Cleared (General) It was a piece of cake afterall, huh?
Mission Cleared: Easy I guess you really didn’t need me this time, huh?
Mission Cleared: Tough Heheh, I just had a little trouble...
Standby After Mission Clear (Idle) many did you get?
Mission Failed Damn...did we fail?
Mission Failed (Incapacitated) Are you’s my fault...?
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