The Silky is a floating-type Aragami first appearing in God Eater 2 Rage Burst. Originating from the Spiral Tree, it possesses high HP for a small Aragami, and its lingering blue fire attacks can be troublesome, especially if fought alongside larger opponents.

Norn Database

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God Eater 2 Rage Burst

An Aragami thought to have formed inside the Spiral Tree. Its original purpose appears to have been to seek out and expel foreign matter.

Although not very strong and possessing very simple patterns of movement, the Oracle attack it emits from its uniquely developed organ lasts for an exceptionally long period of time.

Take extra caution when fighting more than one.

ATK Element: None
Weaknesses: Blaze, Freeze, Spark

Additional Information

  • The name "Silky" is a reference to Silky the fairy.
  • Although Silky is categorized as a small Aragami, its amount of HP is quite high, almost equal to that of a Chi-You.
  • Most of Silky's attacks are consist of black/blue fires.

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