Silva Orcride is a main protagonist in God Eater: Return of the Messiah, a veteran member of the Alpha Team.


Silva is a subject of Adolphine's Messiah Project and is addressed as No.57 by her. Silva has once known a former ally named of his Dikane. Some time in his life, Silva became a God Eater of Alpha Team in the American Fenrir Branch under Edger K. Rogers' leadership.

After foiling Adolphine's Messiah Project, Silva returns to the American Branch, now without a need to hide his scarred eye area presumably taking over as the new leader of Alpha Team.


Silva has a delinquent attitude and usually causes trouble for others by skipping mission briefings. He is generally self-centered but cares for his allies. His sole ambition is to destroy all Aragami.


Silva is a young teenage boy with black, spiky short hair, highlighted with silver, and blue right eye. He wears an eyepatch to hide a slightly disfigured skin area and his yellow his left eye.

He wears a white jacket with right sleeve rolled up, sleeveless black leather shirt, a pair of black gloves, black leather pants and leather shoes.

Character Relationships


  • The collaboration God Arc in God Eater Burst "Laevateinn" is based off Silva's initial God Arc.
  • Silva's Far East counterpart is Lenka Utsugi. Both are protagonists and have same exact reason and ambition to become God Eaters.