A God Eater veteran at the age of only 18. Being so taciturn, he hates interacting with others. He is believed to have a much larger strength capacity than the other team members. Son of Johannes and Aisha Gauche.
It is revealed in the game that he is one of the first God Eaters, if not the first. This is due to his status as a test subject for the P73 version of Bias Factor, administered before he was born. This gives him semi-unstable abilities not seen within other Gods Eaters, such as an incredibly high God Arc compatibility rate. He shares a bond with Shio, as he considers himself as a monster, which gives him a counterpart in Shio, one of the few things he feels he has something in common with. After he devours her his God Arc turned white because of the special bond they had.


Soma (18)
Joined Fenrir Far East Branch in 2064. A Gods Eater in the 1st Unit.

Has been fighting on the front line since he was 12. His God Arc boasts an exceeding compatibility rate.

His combat ability is superior to other leaders, but because he is a frequent rule-breaker and often acts alone, his rank is not high.

God Arc: Buster Blade (older model/close-combat)

Soma Schicksal: 2 (18)
Joined Fenrir Far East Branch in 2064.

The son of Aisha and Johannes, he is a human being born with a bias factor embedded in his cells, part of a Managarm Project experiment. The plot failed, but the foundation for God Arc technology was built by studying Soma himself.

Unlike other Gods Eaters, he is able to produce his own bias factor, so there is no need for him to manually inject himself with bias factor.

God Arc: Buster Blade (older model/close-combat)

Soma Schicksal: 3 (18)
Joined Fenrir Far East Branch in 2064. A Gods Eater with the 1st Unit.

As he rarely breaks rules or goes off on his own anymore, he is slated to be promoted to Unit Leader soon. Helped thwart the former Director's Ark Project.

God Arc: Buster Blade (older model/close-combat)

Soma Schicksal: 4 (18)
Joined Fenrir Far East Branch in 2064.

Though he wishes to remain a member of the 1st Unit, many have suggested he become leader of other units. He is trusted by all Gods Eaters of the Far East Branch. It is noted that the teams he's joined missions for in the past few months have the lowest casualty rates.

God Arc: Buster Blade (older model/close-combat)

Battle Information

AI Behavior:
  • Very High Survivability.
  • Uses Restore Pills when half on Health.
  • Will search the enemy when alone.
  • Uses Charge Attack or Devours enemy whenever there is a chance.
  • Draws Aragami's attention to himself.
Confirmed Skills:
  • Health ↑ L
  • Burst Duration ↑
  • Firm Stand
  • Presence
Consumable Items:
Pic Item Quantity
Icons Heal.png Restore Pill II x10
Icons Heal.png Restore Pill S x5

Additional Information

God Arc Information

Blade Shield Gun
00 Evil One X.jpg
Evil One
Buster Blade Type
Tower Shield Type
No Gun

Blade Shield Gun
Buster Blade Type
Tower Shield Type
No Gun


Action/State Speech/Line
Start Mission

I can handle this alone, you know.


Standby (Idle) What, are you scared?
Guard Damn!
Melee Die!
Charge Crush

What an eyesore.



Run, piece of meat!

This is it!

Link Burst received

That was uncalled for.

How considerate.

Self Heal

No good, huh?

Blast it.

After Stun Grenade Yes.
Out of Items Crap.

Hey, thanks.


Status Effect

You jerk.

What a drag.

Damage Taken Damn it!

Damn it all...

So this is it...

Ally Incapacitated

My baggage...

What the-?

This doesn’t look good.

Head to Link Aid

Man, you’re a handful.

Wait there!

Link Aid Given

Get up!

Don’t you dare die!

Link Aid Taken Leave me alone.
Respawn I’m out of options.
Action: Attract Leave it to me.
Action: Fight Along

Don’t get in my way.

Back me up.

Action: Follow

Don’t wander around now.

I’ll go where you go.

Action: Search I’ll look for the enemy.
Action: Gather I’ll join you later.
Respond to Command Yeah.
Perform: Search

I’ll search for the enemy.

I’ll search.

Perform: Disperse

We’ve retreating.

We’re retreating?

Perform: Converge Should we move?
Perform: Gather

We’ve meeting up later.

Join you later.

Gather Successful

Don’t wander around.

Thanks for waiting.

Action Failed Damn. No good.
Tough Battle-1 What a pain in the butt.
Tough Battle-2 (Out of time) We’re out of time.
Dying Enemy

I’m going to make it!

Get them!

Unbound Cells I’ll be taking your life next!
Destroyed (Easy Kill) Little pest!
Mission Cleared (General) Whatever shows up just slash it to hell!
Mission Cleared: Easy I’ll take you out as many times as it takes.
Mission Cleared: Tough Man, is that it?
Standby After Mission Clear (Idle) Don’t let your guard down.
Mission Failed We’re getting out of here.
Mission Failed (Incapacitated)

How lame is this...

My bad.




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