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As you all probably know, the localizations of the GE games finally came out and there's a lot to do. The following list says both what tasks are currently required to be undertaken and what admins/members are overseeing each task. Contact these members if you require help editing or use the forums.


  • Story related content.


  • Aragami pages - Layout
  • Character Episodes - Story, Missions, items required, unlockables.
  • GE2RB Missions - missions & rewards.


  • Blood Arts/Blood Bullets.


  • Helping with GER Missions.
  • Personal Abilities.


  • Character customization-related pages, such as Avatars and Clothes.


  • In charge of translations. Mostly Aragami names, place names, and (more usefully) translating bullet recipes.

Other tasks:

  • God Eater Online Information
  • Character Events/God Eater Resurrection - the events that appear when selcting a character card at the end of missions.
  • Character Events/God Eater 2 Rage Burst.
  • Items.
  • Materials.
  • Link suport devices & character personal abilities.
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