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Taida is an original large sized Aragami introduced in God Eater Resonant Ops. Taida is the third of Seven Deadly Sins Aragami that appeared during "熱き血の誓い" (Hot-Blooded Oath) banner and event where Julius and Hiro Kamui returned to Fenrir HQ in the hunt for this Aragami.
Norn Database

The following information is taken from the official in-game descriptions of the Aragami found in the GE:REO's database.

God Eater Resonant Ops
A Divine Source species Aragami which is composed of Retro-Oracle Cells and has been discovered in contraindicated region. This aragami produce deadly poisonous gas that also capable of hindering communication device, thus this aragami is hard to detect, even by radar

Nicknamed "Taida" (aka Sloth) due to it's slow movement speed and it's tendency of holing up inside it's shell. In addition to it's hard shell, Taida is capable to generate special electric field to damage it's surrounding"

During battle, while not enraged Taida always hiding inside it's shells which has tremendous defense. It's recommended to use any means necessary especially blaze-attribute attack to force Taida into rage mode. During rage mode, it's defense is greatly lowered, though at the other side it's attack is gradually increased. Keep in mind that Taida able to inflict deadly venom as well.

ATK Type: Sunder, Spark

Weaknesses : Pierce, Blaze

Additional Information

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Battle Information

  • Taida is type of aragami that focuses on sheer amount defense and hard to get enraged, however will abandon it's defense and went into offensive mode with Crit chance + Crit damage buff every turn during rage mode.
  • Taida defense is not buff, so it can't be dispelled, however attack that ignore defense capable to deal decent amount of damage (currently only Corrosive Lindow, Hiro Kamui Special Ops, and Julius Special Ops has this kind of ability)
  • Immune to DEF down and Stun.
  • Has a lot of AoE attack.
  • When enraged, will deal AoE Spark damage with DEF down.
  • Also capable of inflicting deadly venom debuff which takes about 10% HP each turn


  • Taida (タイダ) name came from word "怠惰" which translates as Sloth.
  • Taida is the 3nd of Seven Deadly Sins aragami appeared in GEREO

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Norn Database

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Shell Mode

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