I'm really late on this little gravy train but I might as well chip in my two cents on this, since I actually like Alisa -- if only because I like exploring the convoluted messes that writers often give these days, and trying to make sense of it all.

If nothing else, the horrible writing and awkward design make it fun for me to look at through my inspector's lenses to see how much could be rectified with a few simple changes. It's what I like about badly made characters like her; I can look into ways for them to be made better. Give them character development chances otherwise missed in the series proper. And you'd better believe there's a ton of those everywhere in GE...

And sure, she's seriously flawed from a meta perspective, but like with Matt and Shio, I still like her! She was a very consistent ally even in GE2 thanks to my very constant tendency to knock Aragami down, and cliche as her life story and such were, and as much as Alisa IS just fanservice, missed potential is something that's present even in the most badly written tripe.

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