Teruomi Makabe is a character introduced in God Eater 2 -Another Episode-. He is one of the new operators along side Hoshino Urara. He will be featured in the Operator episodes with the free 1.20 update (Siliconera).


In God Eater ~side by side~, Teruomi had lived with Haruomi until his brother got transferred to Glasgow branch. Haruomi mentioned in their last dinner together that he would leave his brother in the care of the granny across the street and asked Tatsumi, his friend in the same neighborhood who had become a God Eater at the same time as he did, to check up on Teruomi at times too.

He used to be a field mechanic working alongside Cradle during their expeditions, then switched to the position of an operator in Far East branch later, wishing to assist the God Eaters better with his knowledge regarding God Arcs.

During -Another Episode- "Kate's wish", Teruomi helped out his brother with tracing his sister-in-law Kate Laurie's activity prior to her death by hacking into the database of Glasgow branch, casually commenting on their loose security as well, in order to find out what was her last wish. He also created an opportunity for Haruomi, Gilbert and the protagonist to take on the mission of subduing Aragami for 2nd satellite base, where lives the last person Kate had visited for advice.


Despite being new to his current job, Teruomi proves to be efficient as an operator, thanks to his experience as a field mechanic alongside Cradle. He separates work from private matters, referring to Haruomi as "Captain Haruomi" during missions. In general, Teruomi seems friendly and at times playful, yet supportive as shown in the event with Urara.

He is evidently similar to his brother in the way that they express their overwhelming passion; however, it is about the God Arcs in his case. His gushing session over a God Arc's charming parts rendered the protagonist speechless twice and the way he worded the question uncannily resembled Haruomi's when he quested for a lady's most charming part.


Teruomi looks similar to his brother, Haruomi. He wears an operator uniform that consists of a white shirt, a red tie and a navy blue vest. He also wears dark brown pants and gloves.


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