The Hounds is a battle focused group led by Hugo Pennywort and the Protagonist, composed by God Eaters and AGEs adept in fighting Ashborn.


An organization led by Hugo Pennywort that specializes in hunting Aragami. Also refers to the unit that forms the group's battle core.
Though few in number, the Hounds' ranks are filled with elite God Eaters experienced at fighting Ashborn, and their singular skill and prowess is celebrated across Europe. In addition to battling Aragami, the group also deals in Adaptive Armor technology and is involved in a wide range of other business ventures.
much is expected of them.

The Hounds have been legally recognized as a Port authority under Ashland Navigation Law. However, as they do not yet posses a Port of their own, their members are for the most part officially registered to Port Chrysanthemum. It is likely only a matter of time before they come into possession of their own Port, and it is assumed that it will become the first Port owned and represented by an AGE.



Protagonist GE3 Icon Protagonist (God Eater 3)
Hugo GE3 Icon Hugo Pennywort
Zeke GE3 Icon Zeke Pennywort
Phym GE3 Icon Phym
Claire GE3 Icon Claire Victorious
Lulu GE3 Icon Lulu Baran
Keith GE3 Icon Keith Pennywort
Neal GE3 Icon Neal Pennywort


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