• About the Alive/Deceased Status on Character pages, please do not remove it, i got this idea from BlazBlue Wiki. The Additional Information doesn't fit on Character/Aragami pages, the Trivia is way better, just like many wiki that i contributed on.

    Being a contributor in 2 years, i know what i'm doing. Even if someone else is the main admin of this wiki, they're going to do the same thing as i do.

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    • hm...well if you think so. I find the "dead/alive" status thing to be unreliable sometimes if the character is suddenly revealed to be alive when believed dead:lindow for example, before BURST came out-for all we know, certain characters of prievious installments may now be dead in the current timeline. That and in a less senseful manner, because the "worlds" we live in compared to "game" characters are different. This last one I say because I personally don't like using the alive/dead status thing since there are wikis about actual people that use the "dead/alive" status label (once again, I said less senseful, so this last explanation might not make sense). Well,in the end, I have no power to override your decisions, so do as you wish.

      additional information/trivia doesn't really matter to me, i was just copying what i saw on another page. although I see little difference between trivia(typically insignificant information) and additional information (extra info).

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    • I take it back.

      Yes you're right, the Alive/Deceased Status shouldn't be on their pages, and also senseless.
      I shouldn't take cues from the other wiki too much, and sorry about from that day that makes you to leave this wiki.
      I replaced the Status with Birthday since all characters in GE2 are having a birthday on their NORN Profiles.

      I know you're no longer here, but you can return if you wish.

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    • oh, it's not like I retired because of the alive/dead status thing you know? I already explained my main reasons on my message wall- talk page to Skyeye. Birthdays in place of statuses sounds pretty good, tho I can't check them anymore until my new psp comes in. I don't think there will be much for me to translate anymore, and if there is - there are always others- maybe if the new lightnovel/manga content gets released soon, I'll order and post translations again? Right now I'm on holiday and getting Japanese language classes whenever I can take them, so if I should return, I'll have expanded my knowledge of JPN. ok, cyas~~ (p.s. i did see a eye-twitching edit by some unknown contributor on gilbert's page, so i;m gonna modify that out of habit).

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    • So i was misunderstood, well everything is cleared up/fixed. Anyway, good luck to your Japanese language studies and hopefully you can get your new PSP soon. I'm fortunate enough to have you here.

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