• Yo Lire, Still Alive?

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    • a trick question lol? a little happy to know someone got curious-- yes, I'm the prancing and flowery example of a living human at the moment. I've used up my overdrive for the GE series _however meaning I'm offline for now. Other reasons I have "retired" as pasted plainly on my profile page include being bored, lazy, hands hurt from typing, struggling to find my purpose in life. Oh, and that there isn't much for me to translate or correct about GE2 media anymore. I'm rather satisfied at having completed Marguerite's information at last too, and some Return of the Messiah pages.


      I've been returning my attention more to Visual Novel genre games like "Grisaia" series now since things with stories are an interest of mine. Besides that, my psp 3006's L button and ScreenBrightness button have broken for good (funnily, the L button activates when I revert the "Control Lock" slider from Screen Lock to Normal status). I've ordered a new PSP 3000 (blue, JPN model, used) to allow me access to gaming again, but mainly  my focus on 7th Dragon 2020 series and certain visual novel games will prevail over my interest in the GE series until new content is released (I'm still a constant GE fan however).

      Probably best not to expect me around anymore, I've also finally started to approach the end of my relaxing days and get thrown into a ridiculous society. So, so long "pals," I'm going for my life travel under this wide blue sky. Please be sure to mention this to Scissors-san, minarie, and bprey. (Heck, just copy and past this entire response as a quote for them to see).  Now to end my potential final comment with a Return of the Messiah broken English quote: "Thank you for the reading with pleasure. Moreover, the thing which I can meet as it is with following work wish."        Cya'Laters~deculture~!! (*ノω・*) テヘ~

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    • Oh... Retired Eh? aw welp,.. See you in the afterlife then XXDD, I'm Currently Watching Some GE Mangas, To see what a manga truly is, I Read the God Eater : Return of The Messiah too but I It's only 2 Chapters :/ On My Goal Today I will Keep this Wiki Under control as a "Lurker" and correct long Edits, I will never match your "Translator" Skills but since, The thing That I Can Use to translate is GOOGLE TRANSLATE even though this really can't Help Me A lot. . . (PS: We Have the Same Bluish PSP-3000 PSP, Mine Is Broken too but I will Never Give Up Playing On It) Okay Then..Good Bye and Thanks For Contributing to this Wiki Till the end, You can return to GE Wiki if You Want, :)


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    • Wow! i was gone for a while becuase i've been busy at work, i didnt knew this big news until now, thanks for great job lire, you've been a good translating buddy & a good editor (im not good in creating sentences, when i do it, it end up a paragraph and i cant summarize it for some reason) and im not being exagerated, without you, i cant move by my own cause i might end up putting to much explanation making it more hard to understand for others, so in my part your a great help, you summarize the thing i translate perfectly so im really grateful for it, but now your going to rest for a while that means im on my own now right? i better study creating decent articles now, hahahahahaha, well i know beast and minarie have my back though (those guys are good editors so better take some pointer from them). good luck in studying japanese, you'll really gonna need, even i a half japanese is having a hard time in reading japanese characters, becuase some characters has the same pronounsation but different meaning and some characters has many meanings depending on how you use it in a sentence and this is the worst part lire, some characters have no equivelent meaning in english so you have to put it in your own words. heres some pointers lire for easy learning, 1. learn the basics: i know its lame but its a fact, buy some grade school textbook and a dictionary (preferably grade 1 to 3 textbook and of course japanese related). 2. word of the day: learn a kanji perday, recite it in your mind every now and then, trust me this might be the slowest method but its a solid proof method to memorize a kanji. 3. write some romanji: its best to start like this, while your writing it, it will imprint its meaning in your mind so the more you write the more you learn, but if you prefer to write it in japanese, be my guest but i suggest you to finish pointer 1 before doing this (learn the basics). dont worry about speaking japanese, the more you read and write the more easier to speak japanese. speaking japanese is easy so just concentrate in reading and writing. well thats all, be diligent about it ok? at first it might be hard but dont give up, nothing is easy at first. (^_^)

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    • thanks for the language learning advice, scissor-san. actually, I've been keeping up with my lessons and studies that- I've got about 200 kanji registered in my mind now and planning to take a course at summer school in japan during the summer(hencethename). I don;t plan on giving up anytime that's for sure; japanese language has already integrated itself deeply into my desires quite a bit. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that it is the main focus of my life now.

      that translation period i entered really feels like a long time behind now. 2013 doesn't feel like it has ended yet lol. gud luck with work and other GE translations; I can;t wait for the new 1.2 update to come out (actually, i can).

      btw, abit of irrelevant trivia, but the ChargeSpear JumpTriangle Blood Art"SkyFish" comes from the UMA, Skyfish.

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