• If you have time to answer this, please do. I have a question in editng my profile. How do you create your character's profile like the other God Eater character profiles? (The 'character profile thingy' which contains the name,codename,affiliation, rank, god arc, age, etc.) Sorry about the less detailed question... I really have a problem describing that format >.<

    You can send it here,on my msg wall, or pm, any of the three would do. Thanks in advance!

    Btw, I look forward working with you in here ^.^

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    • Do you know how to use templates?

      If you do, then search for the one named "Infobox Character" (or something like that). There you should be able to introduce everything you said.

      If you don't, well, I'll tell you how. I use the classic, visual editor from wikia. Right below the part where you introduce the categories, there's a "Templates" section. Click on "Add other templates". In the "Most frequently used" part, you have that template. Click on it and it's done. You get the same result.

      If you need anything else, just say it. I enjoy helping others.

      See you in the wiki. Y 

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    • Point taken and thank you very much! I am looking forward working with you on the wiki! Will also be trying to edit my profile ^.^

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    • You're welcome. See you around.

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