• Hey Bal, it's me Vaince. I wanna ask you something about your tabs containing your characters and I wonder how it's done... Could you tell me?? I simply have no idea how people do that(I got new character up but wanna compile it with my MC but seperate tab)

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    • Hmmmmm... Let's see if I can put the text in here without actually putting some tabs. I'm gonna have to put multiple answers, or it is incredibly hard to understand what I'm writing.

      To begin with, put this thing in: <tabber>

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    • These are the tab titles=

      This is the tab's text. You can put anything here.

      |-| (Use this to separate tabs]

      Another tab title=

      More text. You can repeat the |-| thingy and put in as much tabs as you want.

      To finish the tabs, put this thing:</tabber>

      Downside is, you have to do it all in Source mode, and the tab parts of your profile will only be editable through Source mode.

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