• I might've dropped a line that I was coming back to this wikia or hinting at it with my recent edits to GE2RB information here. Factually, I helped flesh out and even create the pages for  the main cast of GE2 characters bios and certain Aragami like the Person Who Opened the World or the God arc soldiers and god arc soldier 0  when this wikia was low on translation staff. Also I wrote this page mostly myself btw  (sorry this sounds braggy, I just thought you might wanna know why some users you and I know have talked about me as a translator role here before I 'semi retired"

    Unfortunately I've had some petty disagreements with the so-called higher ups of this wikia (admins) who have been recently enforcing their militaristic profile page rules around and about just cause I tried to place a yuri pic on my profile gallery, tho apparently having Alisa's underboobs is an OK even tho her page is viewed more than any user's page.

    Here's my resignation letter btw. I'm not semi retired anynmore, I was planning to come back and editing new info but This place has changed drastically from the years I edited and translated on. TThere are more people with their own petty rules and restrictions, and I can't even have the small freedom of personalizing my own wall profile page. Consider me a ghost. 'cause I'm not coming here anymore. Take care not to fall into the same discriminatory trap I did here. Adieu]

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