• Hi, welcome to God Eater Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Gallery page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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    • This Bot again...

      Anyway, yo Kaizawaraiko/Alexis Katherine Montague, welcome to the Wiki. I am Beo, one of the admins around here and I take care of the community needs.

      If I can help you, or any admin can (Art, Bal, Matt, Beast, etc), feel free to call me or the others in their Message Wall.

      remember to read the House Rules to dont get in further trouble on the Wiki!

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    • You know Beo, I was planning on doing an introduction but... Eh, I'll make it simple.

      Name's Arthur or the name I use here. Pretty much this whole wikia isn't the befitting place so make your profile like how you make yourself home.

      EDIT: Note: When you want to put your own characters, put them into the wikia first before doing so.

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    • I'd be the slow turtle I am and honestly say that I didn't get the last part. Does that mean there is a place in the GE Wikia to put OCs? Because I actually have Yuka Ichinose -- >.<

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    • I think that Art was trying to say that for uploading anything (img or vids) on your User Page, you need to add them in the Wiki before doing so. It dont uploads if you use pics from other Wiki.

      And you can put your characters in Blog Posts.

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