• I don't really go to people's walls or profiles, but I came across yours and was like-




    In addition to that, an upcoming engineer?

    Wew, malayo pa pero... di naman masamang mag-isip na baka magka-project tayo together in the future. xD lolol

    Architect-in-the-making here... 

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    • Unfortunately, I'm an ECE though. Di match ang course naten. Ano nga pala specialization mo sa archi? Buildings? Interiors, etc.

      At eto lang masasabi ko sa course ko: Ang hirap talaga mag draft. Lalo na yung engineering lettering.

      EDIT: Nalimutan ko lang itanong pero, taga-saan ka ba? Sa Batangas ako eh.

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    • Electrical and Computer, right? =7= Welp, you'll never know. After all, sakop namin lahat. (Sadly.) As for now, buildings pa lang usually ang plates namen, pero may Arch. Interior din kami. Next sem is space planning involving hospitals and airports, I think. =7=

      Drafting is hell, lalo na when someone's flipping the tables (Yes, I'm looking at you two, Beo and Art- /squints eyes). 36" T-square, ga-higanteng triangles, 20x30 na tracing... Mga unipin na madalas mawala... (at ang math na tunay na impiyerno). Ung technical lettering naman madali lang kasanayan. =7= Pero usually samin, basta all caps, pede na. lol xD

      O7O Currently studying in Cavite State U, pero sa Batangas ako nauwi pag weekends... Baka din mag-transfer ako ng BatSU for convenience. =7= Kapagod kasi magpabalik-balik lalo na pag tambak ang plates...

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    • BatSU? Saan? Sa Alangilan? Mas malapit nga iyon. Saan ka naman sa Batangas? Taga-Cuenca ako.

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    • Malayo pala... :( Taga-Taal pa ko eh... Kaya kung BatSU ako pupunta, baka Lipa or Lemery. D:

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    • Ang BatSU na may archi ay sa Alangilan at Batangas City Main lang paano yun?

      P.S.: Electronic and Communications ako. Iba ang Electronic (for something small, ie. phones, small gadgets, micro-circuits, etc.) sa Electrical (for something big, ie. room wirings, buildings, circuit breakers, towers, etc.). Pero nalaman ko lang yan nung college na ako... :D

      And I must say, dapat nag Electrical na lang ako... T_T

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    • And I've read your fanfic for sometime now and the writing style... is very Wattpad-like to me. Or is it just me? But anyways, can you draw these two together(Wolfram and Anya). They're the current MC's at my own fanfic To Valhalla and Back. Just refer to their own profiles and you'll get the idea.

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    • Ganun? What to do? What to do? >.> Ugh...

      Mas malaki sakop ng Electrical di ba? I mean, kayo yung nagda-draft ng placement ng mga ilaw tsaka sockets and chuuchuu? :3

      I'm not much of Wattpad storied reader kaya di ko ganun ka-kabisa yung mga writing style dun. Nagsusulat, pero di nagbabasa. Puno kasi ng mga Tagalog stories na ang taglay ang purong kalandian kaya meh... -__- Over script-type na writing, mas prefer ko talaga yung mahahabang paragraphs na may mga quotation marks. Ewan, siguro dahil nasanay ako sa ganung format kakabasa ng mga novels. eue

      To draw them together, I kinda need a gist of their relationship/how do they treat each other. Like, sweet ba silang mag brother, or never close, or laging magkaaway. Yung ganun ba.

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    • The next episode(incoming Ch 5) could give you a some hint on how they talk to each other. It's not there yet though. Hell week kami ngayon eh. >_<. And as what I've said, refer to their profile pages. But all in all, they're childhood friends. The Guy is a tsun-dere type, while the Girl is a Semi-airhead type. Anya tend to overdo things when she helps Wolfram, Wolfram reprimands her, but then he will always say he appreciates it. Tapos babawiin lang din yung sinabi nya because of embarasment.

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    • Kami din... Hellweeks... Daming ipapasa... As in, sobra. TuT

      Oooh~ It's not often you see tsundere guys. :D

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    • Feel free to use them in you fanfics as well, just know that the timeline of my fanfic is a few months after the Arda nova part. So their relationship is different as well.

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    • Likewise, although they would most likely meet in Project Ragnarok (IP's sequel) if your story is on post-Arda Nova time. :/

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