• Hi I think I need a little help understanding this series.. So in the anime, the main protangonist is Lenka Utsugi while in the game, it is Yuu Kannagi which is the player right? In that case, can Lenka Utsugi be considered as Yuu Kannagi? Also, does the anime follows the gameplay's story plot? If so, which gameplay's story plot (as far as i know there are many God Eater games e.g. God Eater Burst, God Eater 2) does the anime follows? Thank you so much for answering my queries! 

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    • The first part about Lenka being the protag in the anime while Yuu in the games/Manga is true but... They can never be compared as "similar".

      The anime only follows the first God Eater game(Before Burst was released).

      I hope this clears any confusion you have.

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    • Well, There is also Ryo, as Yuu is not the sole "interpretation" of the GE character out there. Well at least mangawise, as in the Novels and the game Yuu is considered canon.

      And it's right that the anime is a sort-of adaptation of the God Eater game, however so far it served mostly as an introduction towards it's story as the major elements of the GE arc didn't happen yet as of Episode 9 of the anime.

      As for what the rest of the 4 episodes hold, well we can only wait and see.

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    • Im confused too. If lenka is the counter part of protag of first ge, where was he in burst? he didnt exist at all or did they simply like changed his character like its a different universe but it was only everything about him that changed. Why am I so bothered

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    • Lenka wouldn't be anywhere in Burst because he only exists in the anime-verse. Unless you would consider his GER DLC. :V

      Basically: Lenka - anime Yuu - GE, GEB

      They're two different characters; I don't understand what's getting y'all confused.

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