• Sup' bros and sis OwO

    SkyEyeKiller23 gave me this idea, so now I decided (of course, Baluar authorized me) to create this halloween event for the Wikia! *claps*

    Well, I will try to control this event. It will be split in 3 scenes: Fanfictions (write your own Fanfic with Halloween as theme), Drawing Contest (share your GE halloween ideas in drawing OwO) and GEB Missions! Now you might ask me: "Beo-san, what happens after I win the contest?" - well, you will prove your awesomeness to the Wikia OwO. Great plan isnt it?

    Rules are: Do not use any 18+ information/drawing, please be friendly and follow everything listed on the Community/Rules.

    Weapon Rules: if you have a Weapon set that you really like (Just like Matt's chiot set), I will allow to use it if he is Rank 7- if he is a Divine/NPC on Mission #01/#04. But Terminator, Ouroboros and Sawblade's of ANY rank and weapons like that are forbidden since they are too OP.

    ---God Eater Burst Missions---

    ---First Mission---

    Mission: Beauty's end

    Target: Venus

    Specs: No NPC allowed, if you are going to play in Lan. Every player need to use a different set, and give pictures of your mission to BeoBlade.

    Forbidden weapons: Rank 8+ Divine weapons, you will have to be bad*ss on this mission.

    ---Second Mission---

    Mission: Here, Here, Here

    Target: 5 Cocoon Maidens

    Specs: Only 2 NPCs in the mission (3 players total, you can also bring anyone to play with you in LAN with needed).

    Forbidden weapons: Any type of Rank 8+ Shield.

    ---Third Mission---

    Mission: True Moon in the Welkin

    Target: Corrosive Hannibal

    Specs: You need to clear this mission under than 10 minutes, 2 NPCs.

    Forbidden weapons: None.

    ---Fourth Mission---

    Mission: One Who Devours All

    Target: Tsukuyomi

    Specs: Clear the mission with "S" or better Rank.

    Forbidden weapons: Any NPC Weapon.

    ---God Eater 2---

    ---Survival Mission: Magatsu Kyuubi---

    Mission have: 4 waves.

    Specs: Clear this mission within 1 hour (please, screenshots with all the waves or a video).

    Forbidden weapons: None



    Name: Baluar
    Fanfiction: Halloween event fanfic
    Games: None
    Drawings: None


    Name: Vaince321
    Fanfiction: Halloween Special
    Games: None
    Drawings: None


    Name: BeoBlade
    Fanfiction: Halloween Fanfic
    Games: "Here, Here, Here" - Rank B - Rank 2 shield.
    Drawings: None

    This event will stop in November 2 - 2015 - GMT Timezone - 10:00 AM.

    Good luck OwO

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    • Alright . . . Gotta fix My PSP Now . . . Btw . . . Are There Rage Burst Missions?

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    • Wait... one HOUR and fifteen minutes for Nirvana Trail?  Back when I was still green at GE2 (not RB) I could clear that in just plain fifteen minutes.  Also it has four waves, not five.

      And if I wanted to participate for GEB... for missions 1 and 4, would I have to break my Chiot set rule?  Or would I get an exception (considering the Chiot gear is equivalent to R7)?

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    • I almost thought this event is a online event 

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    • "Forbidden Weapons:Any Rank+8 shield" I barely use my shield at all,that shouldn't be a problem.

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    • @SkyEyeKiller23 You can play the Survival Mission of GE2 in RB.

      @AkamexUmi well, you can try to play it online, but good luck trying to find someone.

      @Seieireppa, I will update the rules. Well, Chiot blade is already weak, so I will allow R7- weapons. And about the NPC Weapons in mission 4... can you give me the details of the Chiot set? Like, what are it's abilities? I just want to be sure to dont allow something lika a BA in such a mission. And I thought on 1 hour and 15 minutes since PPSSPP cant use NPCs on this mission. But yeah, I will delete the 15 minutes part (PwP).

      @Commander35 most GE players use Shield to help in their missions, and in this mission (damn, it's hard) the worst thing I could ban was Rank8+ shields (the other shields will probably be useless).

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    • Chiot set has no abilities.  It is completely blank.  As for stats, the blade has 100 sunder 100 pierce 100 divine, the gun has 2.50x pierce/crush and 1.00x all elements, and the shield has 750 sunder, 700 crush/pierce, and 500 all elements.

      But honestly, who knows if I'll even have time to compete...

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    • That set is a little weak no? Well, you can use it if you want. I just dont want something like a Terminator on the mission. But your set is weak so feel free to use it OwO

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    • Gun and Blade part of Terminator actually has 0 stats, while the shield part is the same as Shio Shield.

      The only purpose of Terminator is to get rid of gun, blade or shield of your God Arc. My current playthrough in GEB is actually a bit difficult due to my lack of guns.

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    • Terminator is not that blade with 9999 power?

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    • This... is a bit daunting. scratches head 

      Whereb to post IF I we're to submit art? Blogs, Beo-san?

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    • You can post submit it here or in Blog Post.

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    • @Beo

      Yes it is. Lacking a gun or blade is rather challenging if you ask me.

      The only blade that has 9999 stats is the bugged weapon that Bal and Ken discovered.

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    • @Beast
      Is that weapon the one with the "DBG" on the name and looks like a Rank 1 Kurogane Long Blade Weapon?

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    • ohh.. this is interesting xD

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    • no saw blades :/

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    • But hey! Hammers!!

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    • Hammer's graphics in GEB :v

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    • I prefer the ones in GER :v

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    • And this never ever finished...

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    • Halloween Event: Finished

      The Winner is: Munggo456 - Congratulations for your work!

      Second place is: BeoBlade - made some of the missions listed and made a Fanfiction.

      3rd place... For the longest Fanfiction: Baluar.

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    • A FANDOM user
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