• Thank you Arthur! I think, I learned and taught of some new things when using bullets especially Bomb/Radials~

    Just one last tiny push... I'm planning on taking on an Aether and a Dyaus Pita alone, And I was wondering what type of Sword I would use first? I'll be using bomb/radial on this mission so...

    I'm planning on either my:

    Gem Sword (Short Sword Rank 9), Caldbolg (Long Sword Rank 10), Or my Main weapon Evil One X (Buster Sword Rank 10). 

    Sorry for asking too much... I promise this is the last, I swear thanks again.

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    • If you want to do some silly things with radials... Pyro Master + a Radial IE long blade (Divine obviously).  Radial IE the DP's face until it dies, and then aim a Radial Breath bullet juuuust above the "hem" of the Aether's skirt to break it in 2 shots.  Then enter Burst and do double-jump square combos on its broken skirt until it's downed, at which point just slash away until its legs break or radial IE its skirt/legs until it dies.

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    • Aether and Dyaus Pita(GEB) eh?

      Short Sword = Keep dodging their attacks. Time is the essence for victory. Keep an eye on your Stamina bar at all costs while dodging them.

      Long Blade = Matt's Advice works like a charm.

      Buster Blade = Analyze their attacks first and wait for a time to strike rather than recklessly charge in. Note which one is more dangerous than the other so you can prioritize the dangerous one rather than simply spreading the damage.

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    • To expand on that, your time with your Short Blade should be spent attacking the DP's front legs, because that's where you'll get the most damage.  If you can unbound the front legs, you'll have a leg up (hurr durr) when it becomes enraged.  As for the Aether... you'd probably be better off using bullets.  Keep in mind my advice about Radial Breath (you can find the recipe on the Bullets page).  With a Buster Blade, triangle attacks, rather than square attacks, are your friend.  Unload triangle combos onto the face and back legs when it is safe to do so.  As for the Aether, CC or triangle attack from the ground (or break its skirt with a Radial Breath bullet) and CC combo it when it goes down.

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