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    Not one for advertising But for those who really want to watch the Anime there is a free app called "Crunchyroll" that is avalible on the the Playstation Store (was on the UK store for me). I found it on my PSVita the other day. It lets you watch the Anime from the start (when i last checked). it lets you watch for free with ads or... you know... pay to remove the ads. (i take the easy option and just watch them).
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    When it loads up just go to "All" and scroll through the avalible programs till you find GE and tada your watch God Eater.

    And Yes It has English subs

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    • FYI... Crunchyroll is also an actual site.

      And if you want higher quality, try, which is where it was originally streamed here.

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    • Cool, Just thought i'd bring it up.

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