• I understand that has happened and happens a lot. From my experience though, I've been to forums and gaming sites where I have asked honest opinions/questions on things that I assure you that isn't in anyway me being sarcastic or sounding rude, just to have a moderator or admin replying in a condenscending manner that sounds like "What a dumb question, are you an idiot?" I mostly do not try to reply back and just leave it at that. It's just nice too see that one of the Admins reply accordingly to a comment that was plain outright troll. But in my case, the forums I go to (Mainly fighting games), the people in power could say whatever they want to me for asking what was an apparent "You got to be joking me" reply.

    In short, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate those types of responses greatly and know that people have to deal with that plentiful of times.

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    • Just to note your post, Deaddoctor is a chat mod.

      Also, regarding the stuff that happened. The anon who said "The wiki is shit anyways" IS wiriting on wrong posts(I will not touch on that subject anyways). I'm willing to answer with whatever information I have to be honest.

      EDIT: Deaddoctor's comment was actually sarcasm. :v

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    • Yeah... i like to add a professonal touch to my comments, let me know if its too much though. as a chat mod, i also feel that moderating people coments to the wiki is also nessary.

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    • A FANDOM user
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