• Hi I'm running my PSP save data on a PPSSPP emulator (Computer), and I'd like to use CWCheat to change my name (and codename) I've seen it done with free cheat, help?

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    • Ah that... You have to look up the net for it since this wikia isn't meant for finding CWCheats.

      Also, If you want to change your name, you need to rebirth your character. Rebirthing allows you to change anything except your codename and progress will be reseted back to Story 1.

      Hope this helps.

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    • I find it more fun to just start from scratch when i want to change my Name and Code name.

      Also Playing GEB on a PSVita is amazing, largely due to the fact i can make the Right Stick the camera, but if your after a less pixlated experince i recomend using a PSPGo.

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    • Well I just want to change the format of my 128hr character from;

      Name:"A M Rosenkreuz" Code:"Reaper"


      Name:"Archriel" Code:"REAPER"

      I'd happily take a pointer in the right direction for the codes, I've searched a while with no luck atm, I cannot use rebirth because my Code name is a big thing I want to change, I want it in caps like the NPCs.

      Also (@Deaddoctor2010) no ty, the reason I switched to an Emulator was for the awesome online play on computer, the game isn't dead and i can play with my friends across the world through Tuungle. I have more avatar cards now than I had in 3 years of playing my PSP saves.

      If nothing can be done to help, no matter I'll just live with it.

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    • I could direct you to the codes but... You never told us which one(GEB or GE2??)

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    • well so can anyone show me how to change code name in GE resurrection?

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    • Sad but truthful Answer, you can't change your Codename in God Eater Resurrection.

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