• Hey guys

    I have a little problem here. About a year ago I had been writing a story together with a friend. Due to disputes, our ways parted and I deleted my notes on the story I had been writing with my friend. Now, as Resurrection will be released soon, I decided to end the story myself, but here comes my problem:

    From all the ideas I have in my mind, I don't remember one part I already started writing back then. Although I am fairly certain that this point has something to do with the original sotry of Gods Eater. Soma is complaining more and more about recurring headaches which get stronger and more frequent. As I remember, it has something to do with his Aragami side reacting on something.

    Can you guys help me with that? As said, I think it comes from the original part of the storyline I adapted for my own story, but I don't remember what it is nor do I find something in the web.


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    • "Soma is complaining more and more about recurring headaches which get stronger and more frequent. As I remember, it has something to do with his Aragami side reacting on something."

      I'm not sure if that happened since my brain's already rusty with GER. But I remember he reacted to a presence of an Aragami(AKA Arius Nova before it's final form) during his stay in Sakaki's Lab. I best leave this to the experts who have a better memory than me(Currently I'm saving up my cash for the Localized Version(I know I have Resurrection in PS Vita(But the game is shared(Along with the save file)))).

      Anyways, welcome to the wikia Yukiko.

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    • Hey Vaince

      Thanks anyway. :)

      I hope someone can give me a clue what this could be. I think this is something I took from the game. Like a frequency to make Aragamis go nuts or to control the God Arc Soldiers, but as it is in prototype state during the part my story is in, it is causing trouble to Soma too as his Aragami side is reacting on it too by causing massive headaches.

      I am really not sure, but that could be an explanation. ^^'

      Thanks for the welcoming :) (I already use the Wikia for the Materials. Where to find them or what I have to unbound to get it =b)

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    • Hmm, wasn't something similar in the GE 2 manga?

      I mean Soma having headaches and at a time even his eyes changing into a predators?

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    • Roinelll

      Unfortunately I don't remember. I just remember it being part of a story, but I don't know where it stems from. I just know that Soma gets horrible headaches because of something. ^^'

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    • Anyone else able to help me??? D:

      I am desperately trying to find it out but I cannot remember or find the reason why Soma has so bad headaches... D:

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    • One would say "Play the game".

      The other would say "Go to YouTube".

      But for me... "Let your imagination flow".

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    • What I do remember is that Soma's headaches come when one of the bad guys manipulates the Aragami to do his bidding...

      Come to think of it God Eater - Spiral of Fate chapter 5!

      There you go

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    • Hi Roinelll

      Thanks for the tip, I will check it out.

      Vaince: I played Burst through several times and haven't found something (Am on it again btw). And Youtube doesn't exactly show something fitting when searching for it ^^'

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    • >.>' Ok... *jumps off a cliff and falls head first*

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    • Roinelll

      THanks for you help. I guess that was the point I took the idea from and alternated Garland a bit so it fits into canon (After all the story is a slight alternation of the real story of the game ^^)

      Thanks again, I guess this is going to help a lot like that and I guess my memory is finally coming back. I will make sure to make notes and Keep them this time to not have this problem again. Thanks again Roinelll

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