• Can you make my savefile into Alisa Save file ? im kinda using PPSSPP i can't use the cheats its not working in PPSSPP

    Heres my save file :D

    Thank you so much in Advance

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    • I wonder though.

      You can get the clothes of Alisa on your Female God Eater character, also Alisa's God Arc can be crafted. One of the voices I recall do belong to her that can be selected on character creation and her hairstyle is unlockeable if I remember correctly. Dunno about getting the "hat" but...

      Yea, you don't have to really resort to hacking O.o

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    • you'll find the games are much better on the actual PSP, PSPGo and PS Vita,

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    • Theres a big diffirence in the original and the buyable in shop :D

      The muscles of the original is based on alisa's body

      The muscles of the Outfit buyable on shop is based on the protagonist's body(not slim)

      Thats is why i wanna use the original

      D :D :D :D
      ) :D
      Alisa amiella god eater burst by mattpc-d6lyffn

      The Original Alisa Outfit

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    • Uh... Hate to break the glass of your dreams but...

      It's a game, you can make your character look like someone OR make it into your own. There's no point in trying to use the "Original" Model when all models of GE are similar(No really... If there was height/weight/(arm/leg/torso) adjustment in the game, we would'av adjust it to our own preference but then it's pre-fixed for everybody.)

      Also... In a game, there's no such thing as muscles(Unless it's an MMORPG, then that's excuseable). An RPG game may or may not have more customizations depending on the size of the game and so is the creativity.

      TL;DR Just use the one from the shop(And make sure you're using a female character), it's a better way to try to mimic the original rather than trying to ask for a model of her(Maybe it can take a long time trying to(But seriously... Why is everyone heads over heels on Alisa...))

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