• Considering the fact that he, as Miu_san, is one of GameFAQs' most notorious trolls, who 1) is caustic and confrontational for no reason, 2) DELIBERATELY FEEDS PEOPLE WRONG/MISLEADING INFORMATION, and 3) shits on you if you mention/cite the wiki, despite it being THE most comprehensive English-language source of GE-related information... I just can't abide him being allowed to retain his admin position, regardless of the admittedly countless contributions he's made to this wiki.  Taking this into account, plus the fact that he hasn't been on in months, perhaps a year, would it be possible for you, as a Bureaucrat, to strip him of his position?

    I realize that this is largely personal, but I don't feel that it's right for someone like him to have admin/Bureaucrat rights here while being the World's Biggest Dickbag® over on GameFAQs.  Feel free to chastise me for this, or even strip me of my own admin rights, but I don't care how important Mornsta's been in the past to this wiki—I've seen firsthand how much of an arrogant troll he is on GameFAQs, deliberately misinforming and shitting on people who only want advice.

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    • Wish it was that easy.

      Being a Bureaucrat means I'm his equal. I can't degrade him.

      Besides, I'm not certain it's within the rules (this Wiki's or Wikia's in general) to act based on what someone did outside here. Sure, if just a trnth of what you've said of Miu_san is true then he has it coming, but I simply don't want to take any chances.

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    • Oh wow, mornsta was Miu_san? Wow wtf lol

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    • A FANDOM user
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