• So, I was trying REALLY hard to like the God Eater anime. I mean, I threw myself in wanting so badly to love it. I picked up the game on a whim and it's easily become one of my all time favorites, so when the anime was announced, I was all kinds of excited and while I admit that some things are done well (early fight scenes and Alisa's freak-outs mainly) I just can't get invested in the anime. Alisa feels so cold and mechanical, Lenka's about as standard "angsty protag" as you can get and everyone just seems so apathetic. What really killed it for me though was when they introduced Lenka's new God Arc though. Really? A four-barrelled death cannon that can cleans sweep an entire field of Vajra?! Followed up with a rocket-powered bus-sized sword that cuts through them like a hot knife through butter!? Really!?! It's not just me right? I'm not the only one that thinks they dropped the ball hard here?

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    • In short?

      I agree completely.

      And here comes the long version, so feel to skip it.

      I love the games, the anime early on got me excited I admit. While they pulled a weird one on the end with the oversized God Arc monstrosity, the best part I did like about was when Lenka used the broken wing part as a blade to finish the Dyaus Pita.

      Though what really bothers me was the following, I found it more weird when he went almost completely corrupted and in later scenes he was sort-of cured?

      But we shouldn't really forget that the whole Anime was like an attempt to market Ressurrection anyways, so I'm overlooking that part.

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    • Yeah, that new sword was un nessary, although i like the Pita's sword he made.

      Anything is possible in animation however...

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    • I found it boring myself. I stopped at episode 5 which is more than enough time to determine if I would keep watching it or not.

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    • Yeah, you didn't miss much.

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    • I too was pretty hype for the anime @Rawden, but my expectations were pretty low. Anime's based on video games after all, but each character in this, personality wise, were stiff. Many times having likeable characters can keep people watching something(thats how I sometimes judge if I would like a series or not). For example: I love Kantai Collection with a passion. Been a fan once the browser game was first announced. Been playing the browser game since forever and was hyped for the anime to come out, but had low expectations as well for something I love with a passion. The anime was bad, but each characters were portrayed how they originally acted and they were all likeable for me to keep watching that farrago.

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