• Which type of weapon do you prefer/favorite and any reason why? Some people find certain weapons effective in many situations and such, ect. For me I like using scythes. Feels like I'm a grim reaper reaping those unfortunate aragami that comes my way. How about you guys?

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    • Short blade or long blade...

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    • I went through all of them sort of as I played the games.

      In GEB I was Short Blade and Sniper user mostly, but I didn't shriek back from using Long or Buster Blades either. All I was selecting a mission with my target in sight, equip preferred weapon set to break all parts and as fast as possibly afterwards to kill my target(s).

      In GE2, I preferred Long Blades over Short, with Buster close behind them. I tried out the Charge Spear and Boost Hammer, but they didn't really fit my style. I switched to Assault on guns from this point, because of their versatility they offer. I didn't specialize hunting here, mostly rushed through the story and tried out the BA's.

      In GER, my preference shifted once again. I found that Charge Spears suit me the best, with Long and Short Blades in close second. Buster Blades got shifted down the ranks because of this, while I can use Boost Hammer, but not quite effectively sadly. And I'm a mess with scythes :V No comment on that part. Still using Assault gun parts for versatility.

      I will stick to Spear/Assault in the local versions 94% ^-^

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    • My favorite weapon in GE2 is the short blade cause of the fact that you can dash through the air now XD it sets me up for some really sick combos.... and also cause of the air spam blood arts, its really fun to watch you teleport all around XD... the other weapon i like is the hammer cause its pretty easy for me (in my opinion) to break the heads of large aragami XD

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    • ..think i'm all round,just a slight focus on sniper/long

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    • A FANDOM user
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