• I know you didn't mean anything by it... but I really don't agree with those bullets being up there, much less when the game is so fresh, so few people have beaten it, and so many people are just getting into it.  Giving people the tools to cheese the game so easily is not conducive to growth, nor is it conducive to the collective advancement of actual skill within the community.  God Eater 2 and RB were the worst in terms of cheese bullets, and are you saying you'd genuinely not mind if GER descended to the same level of cheese, with zero difficulty and everyone online spamming OP bullets?

    I'm not forcing you to do anything about this, I'm merely requesting that you take those bullets down for a month or so, giving more people time to beat the game and actually get better to the point where those bullets would just be a bonus and not a crutch.  Crutches aren't what this community needs.

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    • I can understand your opinion. But taking it down for a month will be the same, since AS/AU/EU region will get GER on August 30th, which is more than a month from now and by that time, people from those region will start with knowledge of Meteor bullet.

      What i can offer you is this: I will keep the recipe for 40s delay meteor there, but i won't post the recipe of quick version of meteor until GER is released on those region. The 40s meteor looks good in terms of damage, yet it's barely unusable. People who wants to do it effectively will need to learn to edit bullet by themselves. In this case, people will have to improve themselves in either their playing skill or bullet editing skill. 

      I dunno about the online multiplayer tho, but i'm sure that sooner or later people will hate being blasted away by friendly meteors.

      Anyway, are you seriously don't mind about the HDH bullet? Spamming HDH with Arbalest is more cancer than meteor in JP version, it kills Arius Nova faster than meteor, don't interrupt friendlies, and not to mention you can spam it without even have to position yourself (except for some enemies, such as Hannibal family, which can be effectively being hit by HDH if you shoot from behind). 

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