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    08:41, July 29, 2016

    Hello. You may call me Epsilon. I wanted to ask about the bullet sections you have taken down on the Resurrection Page. I saw the original conversation, and quite honestly, am appaled at both sides of this squabble. While Thomas did inadvertantly call you an asshole, there was two distinct choices you could have made: 1) You could have acted like the better man and not loss it, or 2) You could loss it and throw a tantrum. I'm shocked that a moderator of this site chose the second option. It's so petty, in fact, that I can say I'm glad the bullets of such an egomaniac are off this site. The whole community will suffer because one contributor doesn't share? Do you think you're the center of the community or something? I just wanted to tell you that you can have your bullets, and to be an actual civilized adult and take your " Thanks should be directed to Thomas Boxley" drama bullshit off of the site as well. Good Day!

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    • No one's fooled by this, Tom.

      You know, this could all be over if you apologized for shitting on me and being a callous ass towards the entire community.  It's right there in the comment chain.  You said you couldn't care less about anyone but yourself.  And if that's the case, maybe you should just put down your copy of GER and walk away from the community you "don't care about."

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    • Oh, and btw, anons are disabled, so you'll have to make an account if you want to end this.  It's all in your hands.

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    • I already mentioned this, but my name isn't Tom. You may call me Epsilon. As for how I knew about this, a friend mentioned the bullets being taken down and when they found out why, told me about it, while sharing a screenshot of the conversation. As a third party looking at the situation from the outside, I was simply stating that the behavior you've shown on the facebook page, the Resurection Bullet page, and even in your responses to me do not seem like the behavior a moderator of a site with any integrity should have. I am not arguing about the bullets being taken down. I am not arguing that you were wronged. I am simply looking at a situation that was handled poorly by both Tomas Boxley, and you. That is why I requested the removal of the "Thanks should be directed at Thomas Boxley" bit. To save the integrity of the site, and this fanbase, which I love.

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    • Staying out of the funny business as i clearly have no power to resolve the page...You do know it possible to view the history of the page. search for the edit from before the edit that removed them.

      Regarding the Anon edits to the page and the dispute between the admin:

      Firstly refer to Admin/Mod section in the the Community/Rules.

      Secondary, also note its not wise to edit pages leaving messages in the edit summery as this may appear as "trolling" to some members. Next time I suggest contacting the editor by leaving a message on their message wall (much like whats been done here). If the offending user fails to comply, report the issues to the Lead Admin with a screen shot of the inccident.

      Thats all i can do...

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