• I've been keeping a few notes and basically outside of weapon appearance, GE and GE:R have completely different weapon skills, damage values, and a bunch of other things. If we are to remain the premiere site for GE info, we would need to create a new subsections for these editions of the game.

    One way to do this is a migrate GE info to it's own NORM Database tab and have another tab for the other games. I don't think think the Aragami pages need to be changed since it seems to have crossed over. I think the sparation between editions will provide more clarity for people to navigate through the site. I'm not sure i have the ability to shift tab categories as I did before when I first named some of them.

    What I'm suggesting to do is to have NORN > 3 tabs: GE/GE:R/GE2RB. This is probably only necessary for gear. I haven't touched RB yet, but I'm assuming it has the predator craft feature present in the remake (GE:R). Perhaps even the weapons are exactly the same and as such, only a GE2RB section is needing (maybe something like 2nd generation).

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    • This would be a nice addition, and I honestly hope that it gets added.

      However, I can see how they might not do it because that's actually a lot of data to collect. And I'll be really dissapointed, because I actually used this a lot for GER.

      On the topic of GER, there's not much difference besides graphics and a few renamed materials, and likely some bullets that used to work no longer do.

      As for GE2RB, it's absolutely nowhere.


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    • Thats my next goal is to update the weapons for GER. At the moment I am trying to make and code the tables. I am just learning this stuff.

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