• Do you need  character episode summeries for the following God Eaters: Ciel, Nana, Kota, Licca, Haruomi, Kanon, Kigurumi and Alisa.

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    • Yeah, that would help.

      However there is a certain way that i am adding the information as i work through the game. Feel free to help out, if you could add the content in the way i have for the first few epsiode already that would help me out a alot.

      For example, under the table cell that says "Episode X unlocks a Story XXX," Could you put the first part of the summary. In the two cells underneath... on the left goes the objective shown at the top of the screen in the game over the summarys... for examle "Goes on some free missions with kota" or "Talk to Licca to Further Link support" - I am actuall logging these objectives so if you missed them i'll add them. On the cell on the right is a short description on how to actually clear the episode and the items required - Check Likka's first episode for refrence on how to how the items required while keeping the image for the JPNs version there too.

      As for missions, if you could keep to the format i have used so far for Ceil's, Licca's & Kota's pages that would be great also... you may need to remove the cell "Mission Information"

      then the last cell for the episdoe contains unlockables or character changes as descriped in the game - i am also logging these, then finally the "After Clear summary"

      if you need any help, i'll do my best to help.

      Edit - Also, some episode lines need changing for "Unlocks after battle with/ unlock at Rank..." to "Episode X unlocks a Story XXX," Use the info boxes with the unlock points to help you with that.

      As for the table colors... i'll sort them later, they will ultimatly look like Ceil & Kota's pages


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