• i saw your bullet recipes for God Eater Ressurection and am wondering if you have the english recipe for the Trident Spear and Triple Shot if possible. 

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    • Oh sure.  I mean, they're pretty useless and only for show, but I'm not about to stop you.  Here you go!

      Trident Spear:

      1: SS deco-laser: straight/point-blank, right 90°

      2: SS deco-laser: straight/short, left 90°, with 1

      3: L radial: radial/follow (or something like that), with 2

      4: SS deco-laser: straight/point-blank, left 90°

      5: SS deco-laser: straight/short, right 90°, with 4

      6: L radial: radial/follow, with 5

      7: SS deco-laser: straight/short

      8: L radial: radial/follow, with 7

      (Note: do not replace the short deco-lasers with long versions, as the radials won't last the full length.)

      Triple Shot:

      1: SS deco-laser: curve/early

      2: L radial: radial/follow, 0.2sec after 1

      3: SS deco-laser: curve/early, right 2°, down 1°, clockwise 60°

      4: L radial: radial/follow, 0.2sec after 3

      5: SS deco-laser: curve/early, left 2°, down 1°, counterclockwise 60°

      6: L radial: radial/follow, 0.2sec after 5

      7: SS deco-laser: rotate/narrow, left 120°

      8: M orb: stop/normal, with 7

      Have fun!

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    • Thanks man. 

      Sorry but i dont mean to be annoying but can i also get the recipes for big Explosion, Laser Rain and Aerial Homing. 

      i want to try as many cool bullets as i can so i can eventually craft my own.

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