• I recently beat the game and I was thinking about trying out blast guns but I dunno which would be good to pick since I used assault guns throughout the game. I asked Vaince but he said he didn't play the game much so he directed me to you. If you don't answering my request. Even if you don't, thanks for taking the time to read this. 

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    • The Ci Cerca has the highest raw Crush value of any blast gun in the game, higher than even the Reinforced Blast you can make from beating the Crimson Orochi, and if you find an alternative source of Trigger Happy for your build, you can freely install a skill over the Ci Cerca's unique compound skill, eliminating the penalty.

      Of course, if you can manage to beat the Crimson Orochi, definitely craft the Reinforced Blast, because while its raw Crush value isn't as high as the Ci Cerca's, it has Blaze/Freeze/Spark attribute damage multipliers, which is phenomenal.

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